Fashion designer Ty Mopkins shares his inspiration

Ty Mopkins, a fashion designer from Detroit shares with rolling out where he gets his inspiration for his famous designs. How do you get these creative looks? My inspiration comes from my childhood and just from watching fashion, growing up where I came from, from Detroit. I came from [the] 12,000 block of Roseland on […]

Ty Mopkins’ next collaboration is dedicated to Grant Hill, ’90s era Pistons

If you go to Mr. Alan’s site right now, there is a countdown timer that’s clocking the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the “Detroit Horsepower Collection” is available. Detroit’s designer extraordinaire Ty Mopkins has shaken the city up once again as he, along with Mr. Alan’s, Starter and FILA have come together for this […]

Ty Mopkins has sewn his way into the fabric of Detroit culture


Ty Mopkins is a life-long Detroiter who always had an eye for apparel. The west-side native grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s when fashion brands such as Adidas, FILA, and Karl Kani were the dominant clothing brands of choice for men and women. A student of “common sense,” Mopkins took his ideas and […]