Several of Prince’s siblings sell their stake in the late musician’s estate

Several of Prince’s siblings have sold their stake in the late musician’s estate to the music firm Primary Wave and the company now controls half of the late singer’s empire. According to Fox Business, the New York-based company purchased 100% of Prince’s younger half-brother Omarr Baker’s inheritance. Primary Wave also acquired 90% of Prince’s full […]

Prince was prescribed opioids under a false name

The late Prince was reportedly prescribed opioids under a false name by his doctor, Michael Schulenberg, and his Minnesota home was laden with pills discovered during an inspection. The “Purple Rain” hitmaker tragically died on April 21 last year at 57 after an accidental Fentanyl overdose, and reports from the search warrants released by Minnesota […]

Prince’s family reportedly reuniting at 2016 American Music Awards

Ever since Prince’s untimely death this past April, his surviving family members have been feuding nonstop over rights to his leftover riches and assets and the world has watched as their family has nearly been torn apart over the feud. However, despite their family squabbles, the late singer’s family will allegedly all come together, at least for […]

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson claims she foresaw his death

Though the death of music icon Prince shocked the world, his sister, Tyka Nelson, claims she knew his death was coming. “It wasn’t hard at all,” Nelson told ET of coming to grips with her brother’s tragic passing. “It was a two-word phone call: ‘He’s gone.’ And I knew who he meant. I hung up […]

Find out what Prince’s heirs want to do with his vaulted music

For weeks now, Prince’s name has been dragged through the tabloids as his surviving family members have been feuding endlessly over the rights to his remaining fortune and music following his untimely death in April. Now Prince’s heirs are at odds about his legendary vault of unreleased music. As previously reported, Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, and five of […]

Prince’s siblings arguing over new issue

For several weeks now, Prince’s surviving siblings and potential new heirs have been at war with each other over who has rights to the singing legend’s leftover fortune. But now the siblings have something else to fight about because reports are revealing that the siblings are at odds over offers for TV specials about their […]

Sibling war turns dirty for Prince’s half-brother

Things between Prince’s surviving siblings have gotten wild and crazy over the past week as reports claim that they’re battling each other over how much they each should receive of Prince’s leftover fortune. However, it seems like things have gotten downright dirty for Prince’s half-brother, Alfred Jackson, as reports claim that someone might have tried […]

Find out which celeb has been helping Prince’s family

Ever since last week, fans of the late great Prince have been talking about the sad feud that’s brewing between the singer’s surviving siblings over his fortune. But while Prince’s siblings are bickering, reports claim that the family has been getting help from comedian George Lopez. As previously reported, Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, is […]

Has a feud over Prince’s money begun?

When Prince died last week, fans feared that, like many other stars, his family might end up feuding over his riches, especially since the iconic singer reportedly didn’t have a will in place to distribute his wealth. Well, according to reports, a war may be brewing between Prince’s family over who should receive his money. As […]

Tyka Nelson and other surviving siblings Prince left to claim his millions

Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, 55, is Prince’s only sibling from the union of their parents, John L. Nelson and Mattie Shaw, who are both deceased. Both Nelson and Prince were musically talented. Nelson plays four instruments; piano, bass, guitar and clarinet, and has released six albums. Her most recent title is A Brand New Me. Nelson filed a […]

5 things to know about Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, who may inherit millions

According to some news outlets, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, 55, greeted fans who gathered outside the late musician’s Paisley Park compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota, on Thursday, April 21, 2016 following the announcement of his death telling fans, ‘”He really loved you all.” Nelson stands to inherit $800 million from Prince’s death if there is no will […]