World moves closer to WWIII as UN Security Council takes on ISIS

In a growing consensus among the international community, the threat of ISIS is now critical. In a rare show of solidarity, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed a unanimous decision to take action against the terrorist organization. On Thursday, the UNSC passed a resolution stating ISIS “constitutes a global and unprecedented threat to international […]

Obama to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into US

The humanitarian crisis in Europe has not caught the attention of many in America, but that may soon change. Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing war torn Syria have descended on Western Europe causing unheard of chaos as countries scramble to find a place for the tide of humanity. Germany has been the desired destination […]

Detroit cuts off water to poor families, United Nations intervenes

There are certain basics needs to life. One of these basics is access to clean drinking water. Even the United Nations agrees to this concept and has passed numerous international agreements and understanding about access to water. So it comes as a shock to many that a major American city is violating these precepts. The […]

Detroit to cut off water to poor

By now, most of the world knows the once thriving city of Detroit is bankrupt. City officials have cut staff, pensions and now it seems they want to cut off water to the poor. The city announced in March that it was owed over $118 million in unpaid water debt. In response, the city plans […]

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