Bow Wow Denies Owing IRS Nearly 100K: 7 Artists With Financial Woes

Well, they say all that glitters isn’t gold, and that seems to be the case with the multitude of celebrities who have found themselves in serious debt in recent years. And that may just be the case with rapper Bow Wow as well. The rapper was recently accused of owing the IRS over $90,000 in […]

Soulja Boy Owes Uncle Sam a Bundle

Rapper Soulja Boy may have fooled the press about buying a $55 million on a G-5 private plane, but the Atlanta rapper hasn’t fooled the IRS, who recently filed a $26,000 lien against Soulja Boy for delinquent taxes. According to the Detroit News, the state of California filed a $26,805 lien against the 21-year-old rapper on March […]