Jaguar Wright helps Chicagoans ‘Unplug’ with Verizon and WVON

There’s something about those soul singers. And when I say soul singers, I mean those real soul singers. The ones who like to kick off their shoes and close their eyes when they sing. The ones, who, when they fall into their zone, they’re able to transport us to a space and place where nothing […]

Lil Wayne Says Cory Gunz, Lil Twist and Shanelle Not ‘One-Hit Wonders’

With the success of Drake and Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne has proven that he knows how to acquire and groom potential stars for his label, Young Money. And while the rest of his artists on Young Money await their chance to prove that they too have the same star power, Wayne is proclaiming that there […]

Lil Wayne to Perform on MTV’s ‘Unplugged’

It’s been years since MTV has had a hip-hop artist grace its “Unplugged” stage, but now the famous music channel has announced that Young Money rapper and CEO Lil Wayne is gearing up to play an acoustic set for the iconic show in June. According to a statement from Amy Doyle, MTV’s EVP of music […]