Faizon Love arrested

It does not pay to mess with comedian Faizon Love if he is having a bad day, one airport valet learned. According to witness statements and airport surveillance video, Love is responsible for a violent assault. Known for appearing in hit movies like Elf and Friday, Love was returning to John Glenn Columbus International Airport […]

Controversial radio host calls Chris Brown ‘Amazing jerk off’

Lately, it’s been hard for Chris Brown to prove that people should back off of him.  Lately, Brown has been in the news for blacking out on the valet at a charity event, and allegedly sending a tough “F U” to Drake.  Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg never fails to have something controversial to say when […]

Chris Brown fights with Valet over $10 charge

Would you pay valet $10 for 30 minutes?  Well Chris Brown doesn’t think it’s worth it.  Check out Brown as he gets into it with the Valet at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City after his appearance at a charity event.