420 Day: If you are vaping, do it with Cobra Extracts oil

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, vaping is becoming a very popular option. Whether a person chooses an inexpensive vape pen or a more upscale vaporizer, for marijuana connoisseurs it is the preferred method of consuming marijuana. But not all vape oils are the same and some can leave a distinct aftertaste. This […]

A discussion on the realities of legal marijuana in Georgia

Rolling out talks Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rasean Hodge, Activist Nicole Buffong, Advocate Diego Salas Posted by Rolling Out on Monday, April 2, 2018 Rolling out recently hosted a panel discussion on medical marijuana in Georgia. The panel featured Dr. Rasean Hodge, who certifies patients for medical marijuana, activist and cannabis patient Nicole Buffong and […]

Man vapes and e-cigarette blows up, breaking his neck

There’s a new warning out regarding e-cigarettes after a man was critically injured. Cordero Caples, 29, was taking a break at work and went outside to vape when his e-cigarette exploded in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The explosion broke his neck, burned his mouth and knocked out teeth. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent […]