Why Danny Glover continues to support Venezuela

You can’t tell, Danny Glover who he can talk to. That’s the gist of what the critically acclaimed actor said during an interview at Woodie King Jr.’s New Federal Theatre’s 44th anniversary gala in New York City this past weekend. Glover has continued to support the Venezuelan government despite the country’s tense relationship with the […]

Venezuela finds support on Instagram

The people of Venezuela need their international family to help spread the word about their unjust government and recent student protest. The peaceful protest, which made its way through many Venezuelan cities, has been received with violence by the government, with  thousands of innocent lives lost. While the U.S. and other countries are no stranger […]

Dantes Rameau’s Atlanta Music Project Changing Young Lives, Needs Instruments

Canadian-raised Dantes Rameau is a 28-year-old classically trained bassoonist who serves as the co-founder and director of the nonprofit Atlanta Music Project (AMP). Entering its second year, the program is one of hundreds of programs that duplicated the success of the El Sistema (“The System”), Venezuela’s globally acclaimed National Youth Orchestra System that has trained […]