Filmmaker Maia Wechsler brings black protest film to 20th annual Black Harvest Fest

The ’60s and ’70s can be described as a turbulent time in America. One incident that might have escaped your notice during the plethora of national news stories is being chronicled in Maia Wechsler’s, Melvin and Jean: An American Story, offered at the 20th annual Black Harvest Film Festival. So the story goes, in 1972, as an […]

Air Force Maj. Gen. Alfred K. Flowers: Longest Serving Active Officer to Retire

Too often we are unaware of history, especially our living history that exist right under our noses but escapes our conciousness. This month, Maj. Gen. Alfred K. Flowers, 63, will retire from the U.S. Air Force. Not only is he the military’s longest-serving active-duty general, he is also the longest-tenured active-duty service member in the […]

Black Soldiers Remembered on Memorial Day

When it comes to black soldiers and blacks in the military, Dr. Martin Luther King may have said it best, “We all have a responsibility to the country we call home.” In a time when politicians  are referred to as “politricksters’ and most of the country is suspicious  of government, Memorial Day allows Americans an […]

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