PreMadonna: Shaping waists and body images

Women all over the world have one woman to thank for an improved shape and posture: PreMadonna. As a new mother, the Miami-born entrepreneur searched for something that would get her midsection back in shape. So, she launched What’s A Waist and the Waist Gang Society, which sells trainers inspired by 16th century corsets. The […]

Waist Gang Society’s PreMadonna on business expansion, music career

A 16th century corset has been reinvented into what business owner and entrepreneur PreMadonna calls a “waist trainer.” In 2010, the 27-year-old established the Waist Gang Society at her Florida condo shipping over 500 packages per day. Her multimillion-dollar company specializes in custom-fitting waist trainers to help today’s modern woman get rid of unwanted inches and […]