Warren Sapp

Famous celebrities arrested in 2015

From start to finish, the list of celebrities arrested in 2015 is a long one. Sadly, the number of Black entertainers and athletes continue to grow

NFL great Warren Sapp slams Rick Ross

At this point rapper and Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross should be used to people calling him a liar. With his chosen stage name,

Vince Young files for bankruptcy

As if being forced to auction off his precious possessions and owing over $1 million to loan sharks was not enough, former University of Texas

Celebrities who filed for bankruptcy

It’s hard to believe that a celebrity could blow through tens of millions of dollars in so little time, forcing them to file for bankruptcy

Shawty Lo got another woman pregnant?

As if Shawty Lo doesn’t have enough kids. The rapper and producer has his own reality show on the Oxygen network, “All My Babies’ Mamas,”

Famous stars who went broke in 2012

Lindsay Lohan — She needed a half-mill from Charlie Sheen just to get caught up on her Los Angeles-area home and to pay on her taxes.