Celebrity women take over Woman Crush Wednesdays, #WCW on Instagram

  If you check out Instagram’s #WCW on Woman Crush Wednesdays, it’s no surprise that everyone has their own way of celebrating. But no matter what, celebrity women always make it to the top of the list. Rihanna, who has released a couple of revealing magazine shoots lately, had guys and girls sharing her new […]

Woman Crush Wednesday: Ne-Yo’s sexy WCW photos on Instagram

  Ne-Yo has always been a ladies’ man, but for Woman Crush Wednesday, the Grammy-inning R&B singer chose to give light to some of the sexy ladies in his life. Ne-Yo’s Instagram might be filled with videos and photos of his beautiful new artist, Sonna Rele, but there are a few other sexy women who […]

Instagram shares celebrity woman crush for #wcw

You never know which sexy celebrity women will pop up on our radar for Woman Crush Wednesdays on Instagram. Nearly everyone from beautiful models to some of the biggest pop stars in the game, have been dubbed someone’s #wcw, even if they haven’t realized it yet. As you scour the Web for the perfect photo […]

Sexy ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ photos on Instagram

Sexy women cross our paths everyday, but it seems as if Instagram is reality’s biggest competition. While many of our followers post their picks for ‘Women Crush Wednesday,’ also known as #WCW, a few early birds have already posted their weekly tribute to the sexy women in their life. A few celebrities, supermodels, and random […]