Food stamps and porn checks help welfare queen known as the ‘Octomom’

Back in 2009, the world was transfixed on the story of Nadya Suleman, a pregnant mother who became known as the “Octomom.” Through a dubious IVF procedure, the California woman had eight fertilized embryos implanted in her womb, which she eventually delivered. Suleman was already an unemployed single mother of six, living off government assistance […]

Republican lawmaker Rick Brattin thinks poor people shouldn’t eat steak or seafood

A Republican lawmaker in Missouri thinks poor people abuse food stamps and wants to ban them from buying what he deems are “luxury items.” State Representative Rick Brattin has introduced legislation that would prohibit the purchase of “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood or steak” with food stamps. “The intention of the bill is to get the […]