Why Lamar Jackson called White reporter ‘lame’ for tweet about Dwayne Haskins

He struggled “to catch on with Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL.” Those were the words ESPN’s Adam Schefter used when breaking the news of Dwayne Haskins’ tragic death weeks before his 25th birthday in south Florida on April 9. It wasn’t what he said in a follow-up column, or commentary on the on-field impact […]

Nicki Minaj blasted for saying she likes White media more than Black outlets

Nicki Minaj is being blasted on Black Twitter for having the audacity to say that she is treated better by the White media than by Black outlets. More specifically, fans are feeling some kind of way that Minaj would refer to African Americans as “the blacks” on her Twitter page. Minaj, who has since deleted […]

Why does White media still define Black Leaders?

If you watch mainstream media today, you know that every time a Black leader gets national media coverage for discussing issues that affect the Black community, he is often vilified as popularity increases. From Al Sharpton, Min. Louis Farrakhan and even President Obama, Blacks leaders are pigeonholed into what a “responsible” leader for the Black community should say […]