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Buckshot doesn’t believe hip-hop belongs exclusively to black people

Over the past several months, Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar has been vocal in his criticism of white rappers who he feels disrespect the culture. The controversy began with Jamar blasting Seattle rapper Macklemore for the latter’s criticism of homophobia in hip-hop. Jamar told VladTV last fall that white rappers are “guests” in hip-hop and should recognize that “this is a black man’s thing.” Now, another veteran of 90s East Coast hip-hop is voicing his opinion. Buckshot of Black Moon and the Boot Camp Clik responded to Jamar’s comments and made it clear that he does not agree at all.

Talib Kweli defends Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have generated much debate in hip-hop circles since the release of 2012s The Heist. The Seattle-based duo became indie rap poster boys after their single “Thrift Shop” became a mainstream smash, but not everyone celebrated the pair’s success.

Yelawolf blasts Lord Jamar’s anti-gay comments: ‘That’s just stupid’

Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar made headlines in September when he declared that white rappers were “guests in the house of hip-hop” after he was asked about Macklemore’s LGBT-friendly hit “Same Love.” The statement was given as Jamar explained why he felt a white rapper had no business criticizing homophobia in hip-hop. Alabama native Yelawolf was asked go offer his perspective on both Jamar’s statement regarding white rappers and the veteran emcee’s stance on homophobia.

Lord Jamar on white rappers: ‘You are guests in the house of hip-hop’

Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar has come under fire for his controversial views regarding hip-hop, masculinity and homosexuality numerous times over the past few months and several times throughout his 20+ year career. But the outspoken rhymer does not hold back, and in a recent interview with VladTV, Jamar was asked about Seattle rapper Macklemore and his critically-acclaimed song “Same Love.”

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