Drake surprised fans with ‘Honestly, Nevermind’; Is it good?

Drake just gave his fans a surprise with the release of his seventh album, Honestly, Nevermind, and it feels like he is making the music he wants to make. The danceable rhythms is a pocket he is comfortable with and it allows him to be a vulnerable as he wants to be. Drake is easily […]

Papa Wemba, African music legend, dies on stage

The year 2016 is now being referred to in many circles as the year that music died. So far we have seen the deaths of music stars  Malik “Phife Dog” Taylor, Maurice White, David Bowie, and most recently, Prince. Now word has come that Papa Wemba, known as Africa’s “King of Rhumba Rock” has died at […]

Music icon Taj Mahal discusses music, community, black culture (audio)

If a musician is truly gifted, there comes a time when their music and career become not only legendary but iconic. Taj Mahal is one of those musicians. With more than 50 years in the music industry, he has garnered three Grammys, nine Grammy nominations  and numerous screen, TV and composer credits. If you are […]