Alfred Wright murder case: Attention turns to sheriff’s failed investigation

The Alfred Wright murder investigation took a dramatic turn this past week. The Sabine County District Attorney has turned  the case over to the Texas Attorney General’s Office after a Texas Ranger investigation. During the investigation, serious inconsistencies and allegations were uncovered that involve the local sheriff, Tom Maddox, and Texas Ranger Danny Young. Sabine County, Tex. […]

Is Jasper, Texas, off the NAACP’s grid?

When attempting to do research on the Alfred Wright murder case, numerous discoveries were made. The most surprising of which is that the known official website for the NAACP in Texas was advertising juicers and vaporizers.  The website has nothing to do with the organization. The original website was created on September 24, 1999 […]

Alfred Wright murder: Ear cut off as trophy, like lynching postcards

  Alfred and Lauren Wright: Lynched for being with a white woman? There was a time when black men were lynched that parts of their body were taken as souvenirs. These trophies were ghastly but it was part of the festive atmosphere. In Texas from 1865 to 1942 there were 468 reported lynchings. The victims […]

Rev. Jeremiah Wright goes off on President Obama at MLK event

Once again the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright let the entire world know how much he dislikes President Obama. This time the forum was at the Chicago Teachers Union birthday breakfast honoring the MLK holiday. When it was time for Wright to take the podium, all recording devices and cameras were cleared from the room. A […]