Kaia Alderson celebrates the 1st all-female, all-Black US Army unit during WWII

Kaia Alderson loves history, so much so that she decided to tell the unknown story of the first all-woman, all-Black Army Unit, the 6888th Battalion. Alderson wrote a fictionalized account of the 6888 Army Postal Battalion. It is featuring Grace Steele and Eliza Jones, who personify the challenges and triumphs of the first all-woman, all-Black […]

Lazy Georgia nurses charged with murder of elderly vet (video)

Three former nurses have been charged in the neglectful death of a WWII vet in their care at a Woodstock, Georgia, nursing home. Back in February 2014, James Dempsey, 89, died at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. According to the staff treating Dempsey at the time, he was in distress and they administered CPR […]