Ye sells K-pop playing tank for big bucks

Ye has sold his $500,000 tank to the Diesel Brothers. The “Stronger” hitmaker’s team first reached out to the vehicle customizing duo — friends David “Heavy D” Sparks and David “Diesel Dave” Kiley — a few years ago to have them work on his trucks, but the timing never worked out, and then last October, […]

Kanye West flips a seriously expensive beachfront property in Malibu

Kanye West has reportedly spent $60 million to buy a new beachfront property in Malibu. The 44-year-old rap star has decided to part with an eye-watering sum of money to secure the spectacular abode on the waterfront, which has been described as being “perfect for Kanye.” An insider told People: “With views of the Pacific […]

Kanye West says he can smash Joe Biden at the polls, later goes to the hospital

Before Kanye West was taken to the emergency room at a local hospital in Wyoming on Saturday, July 25, Yeezy stated confidently that he can upset Joe Biden at the polls. On Saturday, the “Good Life” rapper, 43, told his 30 million Twitter fans that he can vanquish the favored former vice president to Barack […]

Kanye West reportedly refusing to see Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is reportedly refusing to see his wife, Kim Kardashian. The “All Day” hitmaker has sparked concern in recent days with a string of erratic social media posts and a bizarre appearance at a rally for his presidential campaign in South Carolina — during which he wept hysterically as he and his spouse had […]

Kanye West shares design plans for his Wyoming ranch

Kanye West’s Wyoming ranch will include a very special feature: a “urine garden.” The “Stronger” rapper — who has four children with wife Kim Kardashian West — bought a 4,000-acre property in Cody last autumn and then a second neighboring estate shortly thereafter, and he has ambitious plans for the compound. According to a new […]

Why Kanye West has been ordered to stop construction at his Wyoming ranch

Kanye West has been ordered to stop building construction at his Wyoming ranch. The “Stronger” hitmaker had submitted documents to build a 70,684 sq. ft. amphitheater on the grounds of his Monster Lake estate, but officials told him to get workers to stand down on the project because he broke ground without a permit. Park County, […]

Kanye West purchases $14.5M property in Wyoming

Kanye West has bought another ranch in Wyoming. The 42-year-old rapper has splashed out $14.5 million on the Bighorn Mountain Ranch, which spans across 6,713 acres, just outside the town of Greybull, according to His purchase comes just two months after he bought Monster Lake Ranch. However, his wife Kim Kardashian West isn’t keen […]

Pusha-T says he feared for his life while in Wyoming for this reason

Pusha-T says he was chased by a fox while he was in Wyoming recording his third album, Daytona. The 41-year-old rapper admitted he feared for his life when the wild animal — known for hunting small rodents and occasionally attacking humans — began following him. He was in Jackson Hole at the time, putting the finishing […]

Wyoming ranch bans rappers, aka Black people, after Kanye hosts listening party

By: A.R. Shaw

Kanye West’s listening party in Moran, Wyoming has caused a backlash. Following the ye album release party at Diamond Cross Ranch, the owners of the facility has implemented a ban on rappers, according to The Blast. The owners of the ranch said that Kanye was initially suppose to be finished with the listening party at […]

Kanye West slammed and hailed on Twitter for new album, ‘Ye’

After months of trolling the country and tap dancing for Donald Trump, Kanye West finally dropped his new album Ye in Wyoming and sent Twitter into a tizzy. Ye arrived on Thursday night with celebrities and influencers, including Chris Rock, Jonah Hill, Big Sean and Pusha T, who flew in for the listening party in […]

Kanye West delivered ‘Ye’ album in Wyoming

After all the rants, drama, racial tension and MAGA hats, dozens of influencers and media have descended upon Wyoming to listen to Kanye’s newest project. The release is also being streamed on an app called WAV. The stream started at 9pm CST. If you were expecting music immediately you were disappointed. The stream focused on […]

States with the highest referral of Black, Latino students to law enforcement

The U.S. Department of Education has confirmed that Black, Latino and special needs students are referred to the police and court system at a disproportionate rate in most states.The Center for Public Integrity ranked states by their rate of referral for every 1,000 students. Here are the 5 states with the highest proportion of minority and […]

OMG! Domestic partners tape the rape of 9-year-old son, expose him to STD

Prosecutors are requesting that two Alabama men be held on $1 million bond each for holding a 9-year-old boy captive and taping the rape and sodomy of the pre-teen and exposing him to an STD. Huntsville, Ala. prosecutors stated that the case was is so revolting and stomach-churning that police officers could not even identify […]

The 25 states with the fattest people in the U.S.

The United States is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. More than 35 percent of adults and almost 20 percent of children are considered to be obese. While recent studies suggest the problem may have reached its plateau,  new studies are suggesting that things are only going to get worse over the next two decades. […]

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