Going ghost: The new trend

The other night, I was watching television and there was a segment about people disappearing out of relationships without a word. At first, it made me chuckle but then I realized that I have received a ton of emails from both women and men who had experienced something similar. A typical email might go something […]

Lust vs. love: Recognizing the difference

“Lust is the benefit of self at the expense of others. Love is the benefit of others at the expense of self.” That quote is how my book, Everything Fades Away, begins. The two main characters are both married and love their spouses like their next breaths, but the passion is no longer there. So, […]

Women taking men on dates: Is there a problem?

Let’s face it: a lot of women will live out 2015 and not go on a single date. Shocking statistics, but factual. I ask the question all the time to more than a million people and I am stunned to see that the majority of women have not been on a date in the recent […]

Brazil’s high-end boutique’s grand opening in Atlanta

Do you want to know what thoughts and dreams have been snuggled within the recesses of Neidra Demery’s soul?  Then come to Brazil’s upscale designer boutique at the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta for a dream-like excursion into trendy wares and beautiful designs. Atlanta native Demery poured out the contents of her soul and manifested it […]