Snow Man vs. Ice Man: Young Jeezy Revisits Gucci Mane Beef with ‘(24-23)’

Young Jeezy

 Some rap beefs never die. Recently, Grammy-nominated rapper Young Jeezy dropped “24-23,” a diss record aimed at Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juice. While most people thought that the Jeezy vs. Gucci battle was dead, this latest attack on two of the ATL’s biggest up and coming stars has reopened the wounds. gavin philip godfrey

Directed at Gucci Mane?
“I’m on my Louis s— today, f— some Gucci Mane…”

Directed at OJ Da Juice?
“Straight shots to the head, f— some Juice Man/ask them real n—– in the city who’s got the juice man/these n—– talkin bout the work, but what they prove man?/y’all know these n—– really clowns but I’m the truth man/if this is what you’re going for then what’s the use man/tell him this ain’t what he want — not the boy Snow/but between me and you I think them boys slow …” 

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