Executive Suite

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Rashad Richey appointed president of ‘rolling out’

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Andy Hinton of #NotMe discusses misconduct accountability in corporate America

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Netflix taps Bozoma Saint John as new chief marketing officer

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Zoom hires Damien Hooper-Campbell as its 1st chief diversity officer

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United Airlines appoints 1st Black president, Brett J. Hart

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General Motors plant director Marcos Purty uses his global experiences to lead

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Beauty industry CEO Germaine Bolds-Leftridge says core principles drive success

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David J. Albritton is General Motors Defense’s innovation leader

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Romina Brown, CEO of SSI, explains how data impacts the Black hair community

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Mother-daughter duo, Rozalynn and Gabby Goodwin, solve hair woes for girls

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Angela Hawkins created Bamblu to transform sleep habits

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Mixed Chicks CEO Kim Etheredge shares insight about the competitive hair market

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