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How sending nude photos can be a crime

In today’s digital age, the exchange of messages, photos and videos has become a common aspect of communication, especially among young adults. However, what may


How to get a criminal record expunged

A criminal record can cast a long shadow, impacting everything from employment opportunities to housing options. But what if you’ve paid your debt to society


5 things to do before you go to prison

A prison sentence can be a life-altering event, throwing you and your loved ones into a whirlwind of uncertainty. Fear, anxiety, and a million questions

O.J. Simpson, after the verdict

The 1995 acquittal of O.J. Simpson in the murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman marked not a conclusion but the onset of


5 reasons to stay silent after an arrest

Being arrested can be a whirlwind of emotions. Confusion, anger, and the desperate urge to explain yourself might cloud your judgment. But in that critical

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