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Foot Locker to turn 2K stores into voter registration locations

By Cassidy Sparks / September 21, 2020

Barack Obama says Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor should come after election

By A.R. Shaw / September 19, 2020

Kanye West calls himself Nat Turner, demands apology from J. Cole and Drake

By Terry Shropshire / September 15, 2020

Killer Mike visit with Georgia governor creates Twitter storm

By Terry Shropshire / September 10, 2020

Ice Cube has a list of demands to secure his vote, says you should too (video)

By N. Ali Early / September 9, 2020

Kanye West spent $6 million on his presidential campaign in 1 month

By Terry Shropshire / September 6, 2020

A Seat at the Table: Andrea Young ACLU of Georgia, voter suppression 9/2/20

By Rolling Out / September 2, 2020

200K Georgia voters wrongly removed from rolls, report states

By Terry Shropshire / September 2, 2020

Kanye West claims he’s not paid by GOP and outearns the president (video)

By Terry Shropshire / September 1, 2020

Steve Stoute tells Black people not to vote for Kanye West

By A.R. Shaw / August 29, 2020

Kanye blasted after claiming he is on the presidential ballot in 9 states

By A.R. Shaw / August 21, 2020

Kanye West dropped from presidential ballot in Wisconsin

By rolling / August 21, 2020

Oprah Winfrey making Election Day a holiday for her employees

By Terry Shropshire / August 20, 2020

Barack Obama takes aim at current president in scathing DNC speech

By A.R. Shaw / August 20, 2020

Michelle Obama apparently threw shade at Kanye West (video)

By Terry Shropshire / August 19, 2020

What Cardi B demanded during chat with Joe Biden (video)

By Terry Shropshire / August 18, 2020

Rush Limbaugh under fire for calling Kamala Harris obscenity on air

By Terry Shropshire / August 18, 2020

Racist claims Kamala Harris ineligible to be VP or POTUS debunked by Constitution

By Terry Shropshire / August 17, 2020

Georgia governor drops lawsuit against Atlanta mayor over mask mandate

By A.R. Shaw / August 14, 2020

A Seat at the Table with Rep. Al Green, Department of Reconciliation 8/13/20

By Rolling Out / August 13, 2020