Robbie Best looking to portray Black culture in a positive way

Robbie Best earned a bachelor’s in painting from Wayne State University in 2006. The most consistent theme in her work is visibility because she recognizes that historically, Black people have been rendered invisible. She strives to render the Black image in a positive way. Her style is often described as painterly and her images are […]

Kirah Price describes what piques her creative interests

Kirah Price is an aspiring illustrator and fine artist from Detroit. From childhood, she loved illustration books and was always inclined to art and drawing classes. She is currently furthering her education at the College for Creative Studies where she is working toward attaining a BFA in illustration. She shared with us details about her […]

Photographer Blair Devereaux creating art from his passion

Working with Blair Devereaux is often described as an unparalleled “experience.” As a celebrated brand photographer, his unique aesthetic and ability to connect deeply with his subject are evident throughout his work. What started as a hobby became a self-declared mandate for Devereaux to create art in a way that would support his passion. In […]

Photographer Robert Williams III channels creativity through his camera

Robert Williams III has expanded the boundaries of creative photography by using specific camera techniques. As a teenager, the Milwaukee native was intrigued by photography, but it wasn’t until he was 24 years old that he purchased his first camera and began to take the art of photography seriously. Williams currently lives in Atlanta, where […]

A Seat at the Table with culture creators Lisa Cortés and Farah X 8/13/20

The culture creators behind hip-hop fashion and the new documentary on Netflix – The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion documentary, took a seat at the table. Street designers Misa Hylton & April Walker changed hip hop fashions forever. Lisa Cortés – producer-director & Farah X – producer-director tells the story from behind the lens.

Photographer Yachin Parham details his experience capturing New York protests

Yachin Parham is a New York-based photographer and photojournalist. Parham focuses his lens on highlighting expression, supporting vulnerability, and revealing character. He recently ventured out to capture images from protests across New York. We spoke with Parham about his creativity behind the lens and capturing these moments in history. What inspired you to become a […]

Fashion photographer Jay Lenard turned a part-time passion into a full-time gig

Jason “Jay Lenard” Crockett held down a full-time corporate job for some time while exploring his passion for photography. In 2017,  he took a leap of faith and started shooting fashion, portrait and wedding photography full time. Since then, the Delray Beach, Florida, native who currently resides in Atlanta, specializes in capturing people with a […]

Photographer Joshua Rashaad McFadden examines conceptions of Black masculinity

At a young age, Joshua Rashaad McFadden was introduced to photography by his mother. McFadden fondly remembers receiving his first camera at 7 years old and he’s been an artist ever since. Originally from Rochester, New York, McFadden is a visual artist and assistant professor of photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. As a form […]

Photographer Rosella Joseph explains how art saved her life

Growing up, Rosella Joseph always had a passion for art. She loved drawing, singing and even tried her hand at learning to play the piano and violin. Joseph, who originally is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, came to the United States when she was 4 and grew up in Milwaukee. During high school, however, she fell into […]

Kai Tsehay keeps memorable moments alive through the lens of a camera

As a child, Kai Tsehay was obsessed with music videos. Her mother, however, would not allow her to spend her idle time watching videos. Instead, she taught Tsehay graphic design, which inspired Tsehay to explore visual arts. Kai Tsehay, born KaiYanna T. Washington, describes herself as a creative entrepreneur and freelance photographer. Originally from Washington, […]

Photography business is the perfect fit for Joshua and Anyeka Frith

Joshua and Anyeka Frith’s shared love of photography has allowed the New York couple to grow into partners in life as well as in business. According to Joshua, it was his then-girlfriend Anyeka and his new photography business that brought them together. “She started accompanying me [to photo shoots],” he said. “That was a way […]

Michael T. Nyembo is pushing boundaries with Eye Attraction Photography

Professional photographer Michael T. Nyembo has built his career by capturing vivid images of fashion, beauty and noted celebrities. The short list includes Chris Brown, Elle Varner Wiz Khalifa and Izabela. A former model, Nyembo grew bored working in front of the camera and decided to explore his creativity behind the lens. The rest, as […]

Photographer Nathan Pearcy has a keen eye for capturing authentic beauty

In a split second, a photographer has to capture the right smile, expression or gesture. Nathan Pearcy possesses a keen eye for capturing authentic beauty. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, and currently working in Atlanta, Pearcy’s beauty and editorial work behind the lens has been featured in many nationally acclaimed publications, such as rolling out, […]

Antoinne Duane Jones expresses love for photos with vivid colors

Back in the days of darkrooms and film, Antoinne Duane Jones fell in love with photography. That was over 14 years ago back in Youngstown, Ohio. For some strange reason, he put the camera down during his school days at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. The passion was rekindled when his then-wife asked, ‘If […]

Tim Caver captures moody yet vibrant moments through photography

Tim Caver has a passion for photography. The 30-year-old photographer and graphic designer is originally from Buffalo, New York, and currently resides in Atlanta with his beautiful wife and dog. Growing up, Caver started with a point-and-shoot camera. However, it was a colleague during an internship that opened his eyes to how integral photography was […]

Photographer Robin Marshall finds her spot on Hollywood’s red carpet

Most photographers aim to shoot a particular style of photography. Photographer Robin Marshall has found her sweet-spot in the business — shooting on the red carpet. To further her aspirations, the Atlanta native found herself moving to Los Angeles with her family, priming her position for photographing Hollywood’s best and brightest talents. Marshall continues to […]

The art of photography through the eye of JD Barnes

Tag Line: #shotbyJD Social media: @jdthecombo Favorite Restaurant: Cheri’s Brooklyn Favorite non-work hobby: Watching Atlanta Braves baseball or the Los Angeles Lakers Favorite artist on repeat:  Snoh Aalegra The eye for photography can be inherited or it can be an innate ability to capture art through the lens of a camera.  Fashion and beauty photographer, […]

Photographer Tailiah Breon trains her lens on entertainers, brands and fashion

In a short span of seven years, Tailiah Breon has become recognized for her fashion, commercial and editorial photography. As the chief executive officer of Fashion Prodigy LLC, Breon has worked with lifestyle brands such as xoNecole as well as famed photographers like Derek Blanks and is making her mark throughout the industry. A native of […]

Photographer Charles Richard captures beauty in nature, people and street life

Charles Richard caught the eye of rolling out because of his editorial photography. By trade, Richard is a professional photographer from Houston who uses his camera to capture the beauty in nature, stunning architecture and the edginess of street life. He also is known for his style and approach to fashion, runway and editorial photography. “It is […]

Nagashia Jackson is pursuing happiness through photography

Nagashia Jackson has always loved the creative imagery of great photography.  Unexpectedly, Jackson got her first break to take pictures in 2008 when her former supervisor, Jackie Turner, put a camera in her hands and said figure it out. That first assignment at work to take photos for Minneapolis Public Schools ignited the fire to […]