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Photographer Nathan Pearcy has a keen eye for capturing authentic beauty

Photographer Nathan Pearcy (Photo courtesy of Carlos Jones)

In a split second, a photographer has to capture the right smile, expression or gesture. Nathan Pearcy possesses a keen eye for capturing authentic beauty. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, and currently working in Atlanta, Pearcy’s beauty and editorial work behind the lens has been featured in many nationally acclaimed publications, such as rolling out, Kontrol Magazine, and Krave.

Rolling out cover shoot featuring actress Essence Atkins (Nathan Pearcy for Steed Media)

What inspired you to pursue photography?

My inspiration comes from the aspiration of wanting to show the world the beauty I
see on my side of the lens. To truly captivate someone with my talent is what really pushes me to better my craft.

(Photo courtesy of N Pearcy Pics)

Was there a specific moment when you realized photography meant more to you than just taking pictures?

It was the very moment when I was working at Sears. I had just been told that
the company was officially shutting down. I didn’t know what I was gonna do or where the money was gonna come from. I was encouraged by one of the clients to start taking my photography more seriously. All of this really forced me to look to God for answers [about] how I was gonna take care of my family and myself. He showed me my hands. … The same hands I was using every day to capture images for another business, I used them to manifest my own business you see today — NP Photography.

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