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Artist Kirah Price describes what piques her creative interests

September 16, 2021   |  

Victoria Syphoe

Victoria Syphoe

Kirah Price is an aspiring illustrator and fine artist from Detroit, Michigan. From her youth, she loved illustration books and was always inclined to art and drawing classes. She is currently furthering her education at the College for Creative Studies where she is earning her BFA in Illustration. She shared with us details on her creative process, inspirations, and aspirations.

What has changed drastically from when you first started creating?
One thing that has changed the most for me is my process from when I first began creating. I was all about just getting right into the piece without considering perspective, light, shadow, anatomy, and compositional aspects. Now I do research and thumbnails and ideate more. Although this isn’t always the most fun part of the process of creating a piece, it’s a necessary one.

What are three of the best things about being a creative?
I would say some of the best things about being a creative, is being able to communicate with the world in such a different way that really has no boundaries on how I want to create that message. Being able to bring what’s in my head to life no matter how normal or abnormal the idea, and being able to use what I love as a means to express and find myself, is major.

How does technology play a role in art today?
Technology allows art and artists to reach people outside of their communities so much faster than before. Social media has allowed so many artist opportunities and jobs to come to the art community.

What keeps you inspired?
Movies and poetry keep me inspired the most because movies have so many color schemes, angles, and unique points of view that I as an artist desire to discover. Poetry on the other hand, taps into my critical thinking about so many things and possibilities for conversation pieces.

What’s next for you?
The next steps for me aren’t certain except for graduating from CCS next year and hopefully I will get an opportunity to work on illustrations for books for all ages and continue to be active in the art and gallery scene.

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