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Photographer Charles Richard captures beauty in nature, people and street life

Charles Richards (Photo courtesy of Visual Culture Photography)

Charles Richard caught the eye of rolling out because of his editorial photography. By trade, Richard is a professional photographer from Houston who uses his camera to capture the beauty in nature, stunning architecture and the edginess of street life. He also is known for his style and approach to fashion, runway and editorial photography.

“It is not about the notoriety of being in magazines,” Richard says, “but making sure clients are happy with their memories.”

Photo courtesy of Visual Culture Photography

What inspired you to pursue photography?

Visiting Paris on my way to the Czech Republic on a church mission trip. I got pissed off that I didn’t know enough about photography to create my own memories. So I studied. A lot.

Photo courtesy of Visual Culture Photography

How would you describe your style of photography?

My heart is in street photography with a love affair with fashion and beauty.

Film versus digital? Which do you prefer?

There is no clear winner. Film is the medium that forces you to rethink imagery and is therapeutic for creatives during the capture. Digital is the go-to when you want to be creative in the processing.

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