Nate Yohannes says Microsoft is actively recruiting diverse talent

Nate Yohannes is the product leader of artificial intelligence and mixed reality engineering at Microsoft. After a stint with the Obama administration on the Broadband Opportunity Council and SBA’s Office of Investment and Innovation developing policies to improve the U.S. government investments in technology, Yohannes entered the private sector serving as an executive adviser on […]

Singer-songwriter J. Brown finds the perfect escape for endless love

There’s nothing that compares to true love. Finding that special someone, learning to love that person how they want to be loved and frequently escaping to that special place no one else is privy to — it’s a feeling of unspeakable joy. J. Brown covers all of the above on his new, top 20 single, […]

Beauty industry CEO Germaine Bolds-Leftridge says core principles drive success

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge is the CEO of GBL Sales Inc., a Maryland-based business that sells and markets health and beauty aids in the Northeastern and Southeastern markets. Bolds-Leftridge, who has been in the beauty industry since 1984, also the founder of  Ubiquitous Women’s Expo, the largest event in Washington, D.C., dedicated to empowering, uplifting and inspiring […]

Photographer Rosella Joseph explains how art saved her life

Growing up, Rosella Joseph always had a passion for art. She loved drawing, singing and even tried her hand at learning to play the piano and violin. Joseph, who originally is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, came to the United States when she was 4 and grew up in Milwaukee. During high school, however, she fell into […]

How love and marriage led to a multimillion-dollar beauty empire for Mielle

Melvin and Monique Rodriguez (Photo credit: Jason McCoy)

Part of Melvin Rodriguez’s secret sauce to building a multimillion-dollar beauty empire includes the partnership between him and his wife Monique. Rodriguez, a former systems engineer for UPS and his wife, a former nurse, managed to create a beauty juggernaut with their joint brainchild, Mielle Organics. Check out our conversation with Melvin Rodriguez. Where did […]

BerNadette Lawson-Williams creates 1st esports program at an HBCU

BerNadette Lawson-Williams, Ph.D., is an educator with extensive leadership experience in the development of sports-related academic programs. She received her bachelor’s degree from South Carolina State University, where she later worked as an assistant professor and developed the state’s first programs in sports communication and physical activity management. As an associate professor at Johnson C. […]

Former engineer Stephanie Humphrey helps people understand technology

Stephanie Humphrey is a former engineer turned, tech enthusiast, public speaker, and news correspondent. She is an expert tech contributor for ABC News’ nationally syndicated daytime talk show “Strahan, Sara & Keke.” Humphrey uses social media to help people understand tech basics with her “60-Second Tech Break.” As a public speaker, she uses her signature […]

Kai Tsehay keeps memorable moments alive through the lens of a camera

As a child, Kai Tsehay was obsessed with music videos. Her mother, however, would not allow her to spend her idle time watching videos. Instead, she taught Tsehay graphic design, which inspired Tsehay to explore visual arts. Kai Tsehay, born KaiYanna T. Washington, describes herself as a creative entrepreneur and freelance photographer. Originally from Washington, […]

‘Anatomy of Black Love’ creators want to change the narrative on relationships

We know what the statistics say. Marriage rates are low while the divorce rate is high. Even if you ignore the statistics, you wouldn’t have to look very far on any social media platform before you’ll see explanations behind this discrepancy in the Black community. Because, although we smile fondly at images of Barack and […]

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Curves shares what he loves most about women

Dr. Andrew Jimerson II, affectionately known as Dr. Curves, is one of the most in-demand plastic surgeons in the country. His celebrity clientele is known for having some of the best Brazilian butt lifts and mommy makeovers in the country. His expertise has even earned him a secondary nickname: the “peach maestro.” Your office is […]

Mike Love and Dizz dish about ‘Chicagofamous’ podcast and radio’s future

The names Mike Love and Dizz are synonymous with Chicago radio. Their larger-than-life brand left an indelible imprint on the city. Three years ago, Chance the Rapper referenced the duo’s “Birthday Line” bit on WGCI a decade after they left the airwaves. They have returned via the internet with their Chicagofamous podcast. Rolling out spoke […]

Actor Christian Pierce deems himself blessed, hungry and inspired

Christian Pierce is a writer, producer and star of Facebook Watch’s comedy parody series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.” Created and written by Pierce and writing partner Jimmy Tatro (Netflix’s “American Vandal”), the series follows the lives of four friends from Simi Valley who never evolved past high school despite graduating 10 years ago. […]

Joni Thrower-Davis is a lawyer, McDonald’s owner and historymaker

Joni Thrower-Davis’ family has owned McDonald’s franchises for more than 30 years. On Nov. 21, 1989, her family opened up their mother ship location on Mack Avenue and the Chrysler Freeway on Detroit’s east side, so she literally grew up in the restaurant and its surrounding community. Thrower-Davis’ dad is former Detroit Lions NFL cornerback […]

Music producer London Elixir uplifts the soul with modern-day feel-good beats

Every Monday and without fail, Atlanta-based producer London Elixir showcases a new beat on her Instagram page. Her live mix, “Maschine Monday,” has led to a well-deserved following that rappers, neo-soul singers and the like thirst for every seven days. Born and raised in Ohio, London is among a growing populace of rising music producers […]

Mysteek Naturals CEO Electra Davis offers chemical-free hair color

Electra Davis is the CEO and founder of Mysteek Naturals, a company that specializes in making chemical-free hair and dental products. The 35-year-old veteran started the small business in 2016 driven by her desire to safely give a pop of color to people’s lives. Davis has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration […]

Mara Brock Akil reveals why Black women inspire her best work

Mara Brock Akil understands the importance of telling stories from the Black female perspective when it comes to love, life and romance. Since the late 1990s, Brock Akil has worked in TV and film, beginning her career as a writer for “The Jamie Foxx Show” and “Moesha” before serving as executive producer on the hit […]

Licensed counselor Latricia Pitts is committed to mental health and healing

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out is recognizing female professionals who are making a difference in their fields and our community. Latricia Pitts is a licensed professional counselor specializing in anger, addiction, family therapy and clinical supervision, with her own practice in Atlanta. What made you want to become a counselor?   I’ve always […]

Lashawn Dreher creates platform to bring Black businesswomen together

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out is recognizing female professionals who are making a difference in their fields and our community. Lashawn Dreher is the founder of BlkWomen Hustle, a digital platform providing resources and networking opportunities and events that provide a safe space for Black women. What is BlkWomen Hustle? BlkWomenHustle is […]

Gwennetta Wright gives back to the community through her many businesses

In honor of Women’s History Month, rolling out is recognizing female professionals who are making a difference in their fields and our community. Gwennetta Wright is an Atlanta tax professional, founder of a nonprofit, and a host and executive producer of a talk show. Tell us about your businesses. Hi, first I would like to […]

Coleen Otero created the CEO Chick Network to empower female entrepreneurs

If you are a female entrepreneur who has a startup and needs guidance or a veteran who needs support, Coleen Otero and her CEO Chick Network could be the answer you’re looking for. Otero is a celebrity beauty expert, brand strategist, motivational speaker, and life coach who decided to build the CEO Chick Network as […]

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