Mysteek Naturals CEO Electra Davis offers chemical-free hair color

Mysteek Naturals CEO Electra Davis offers chemical-free hair color
Electra Davis (Photo by Tigner for Steed Media)

Electra Davis is the CEO and founder of Mysteek Naturals, a company that specializes in making chemical-free hair and dental products. The 35-year-old veteran started the small business in 2016 driven by her desire to safely give a pop of color to people’s lives.

Davis has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting, which she has used to steer her business to success. Rolling out spoke with the young entrepreneur about how she’s changing lives with her unique company.

What was the driving force behind creating Mysteek Naturals? 

There are cancer survivors and children who are very vibrant and want to have hair color but can’t use any of the chemicals in traditional hair colors. There are women who already committed to a hair color but want to switch it up. There are also military women who [want to] wear those fun, wild colors on the weekends and be back in formation come Monday morning.

What are three key elements that have assisted you in transforming your business?

One is my tribe, the people who support me, who helped me realize that I could do this. Another key element is my family. They’re very supportive. Everybody is hands-on, down to my 11-year-old. The other key element is just me always having an entrepreneurial spirit and believing in myself.

Do you have a background in hair?

I don’t have a background in hair. My first business was a sisterhood of Natural Hair Dives, which supports people who want to express themselves in different ways. The reason why I named it Mysteek Naturals was because the woman in the comic book who could change her hair like a chameleon was one of my favorite characters.

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