Romina Brown, CEO of SSI, explains how data impacts the Black hair community

Romina Brown, CEO of SSI, explains how data impacts the Black hair community
Romina Brown (Photo credit: Leo A. Allen II)

Romina Brown is the president and CEO of Strategic Solutions International, a category growth management company for the textured hair care industry.

With a background in strategic planning and integrated marketing, Brown opened the Chicago based business in 2004.

Brown has experience working with world-renowned CPG, beauty, apparel and real estate brands. She is also dedicated to helping her clients maintain a competitive advantage in aggressive ever-changing markets.

Rolling out spoke with Brown about the importance of African American data and research within the beauty industry.

What mission or cultural insights have made you decide to get involved in the hair business?

We started the business 16 years ago in 2004. I started my own company and took the chance by offering this service that I knew a lot of major corporations have. I started the company because I knew that there was a void, and many smaller companies just don’t have the resources and the ability to have the bandwidth really to understand category management.

What are some business principles you adhere to in order to remain successful?

Integrity is the highest [principle regarding] what we do. What we do is rooted in data and numbers. There’s a high level of accuracy that is required when you’re reporting. The biggest piece is extracting insight. I think that we’ve been able to maintain and accelerate our competitive advantage because we have a deep understanding of the category. What we’ve been able to do is combine large data sets with small relevant nuanced data sets that have been attributed based on how consumers actually use products.

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