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Michael T. Nyembo is pushing boundaries with Eye Attraction Photography

Self-portrait by photographer Michael T. Nyembo (Eye Attraction Photography)

Professional photographer Michael T. Nyembo has built his career by capturing vivid images of fashion, beauty and noted celebrities. The short list includes Chris Brown, Elle Varner Wiz Khalifa and Izabela.

A former model, Nyembo grew bored working in front of the camera and decided to explore his creativity behind the lens. The rest, as they say, is history. A native of Geneva, Switzerland, the self-taught photographer is currently working in Los Angeles creating eye-catching images that capture uncanny emotions from each subject.

Photo credit: Michael T. Nyembo / Eye Attraction Photography

How would you describe yourself?

I would say I’m authentic and true to myself. I am not really paying attention to what other photographers are doing because I don’t want my creativity to be influenced. I am a very spontaneous photographer. When I have an idea in mind, I will look for a model to either shoot it the same day or the day after.

Photo credit: Michael T. Nyembo / Eye Attraction Photography

Where is your studio?

I am in the process to move to a bigger place in which I will build my studio, however, for the moment I have a home studio in downtown Los Angeles.

Photo credit: Michael T. Nyembo / Eye Attraction Photography

Some of the best photos are captured when least expected. Can you share one of your favorite photography moments?

When I used to live in Geneva, I had a model friend who became later very successful. We used to hang sometimes to catch up, and in the meantime, we also shot, but every time we met up, the shoot wasn’t really planned. Each time, the photos came out amazing. We were literally just talking and shooting, not taking it very seriously. I still have these photos on my website and portfolio.

Photo credit: Michael T. Nyembo of Eye Attraction Photography

How do you incorporate music in your photo shoots?

Music plays a big part in my photo shoots. It settles the mood and ambiance of the shoot.

Photo credit: Michael T. Nyembo / Eye Attraction Photography

  • Tag line: Talk less, shoot more.
  • Social media handle: @eyeattracti0n
  • One thing cool about you: I speak fluent French and a bit of German.
  • Favorite restaurant: Cheesecake Factory
  • Favorite guilty pleasure: Chilling
  • Favorite non-work hobby: Watching Manga, playing basketball and playing video games
  • Favorite artist on repeat:  J. Cole