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Photographer Robin Marshall finds her spot on Hollywood’s red carpet

Photographer Robin Marshall (Photo courtesy of Robin Lori Marshall Photography)

Most photographers aim to shoot a particular style of photography. Photographer Robin Marshall has found her sweet-spot in the business — shooting on the red carpet. To further her aspirations, the Atlanta native found herself moving to Los Angeles with her family, priming her position for photographing Hollywood’s best and brightest talents.

Marshall continues to build her portfolio with assignments for countless publications including; Essence magazine, US Weekly,, Billboard magazine, BET and rolling out.

Kevin Hart and family (Photo courtesy of Robin Lori Marshall Photography)

What inspired you to pursue photography?
I attended an Oprah convention that allowed attendees to bring cameras. I’m aggressive by nature and not afraid to go for what I want, so I placed myself with the media team. I became a part of the media and was even pulled in places behind the scenes. That experience sealed the deal for me and I knew anything was possible.

Among the celebrities you photographed, who were the most significant for you?
Photographing President Obama was my ultimate goal. Not only was I able to capture him while in office, but [also] during a historical moment at the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches. All of the other images I’ve captured after that moment is gravy.

(Photo courtesy of Robin Lori Marshall Photography)

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