Fashion photographer Jay Lenard turned a part-time passion into a full-time gig

Photographer Jay Lenard (Photo provided)

Jason “Jay Lenard” Crockett held down a full-time corporate job for some time while exploring his passion for photography. In 2017,  he took a leap of faith and started shooting fashion, portrait and wedding photography full time. Since then, the Delray Beach, Florida, native who currently resides in Atlanta, specializes in capturing people with a style infused with rich colors, energy and texture.

(Photo courtesy of Jay Lenard)

Did you attend art or photography school or are you self-taught?

I am completely self-taught. My major in college was economics. I didn’t get into photography until later.

(Photo courtesy of Jay Lenard)

Was there a specific moment when you realized photography meant more to you than just taking pictures?

Yes. I found myself getting lost in time. Even before leaving my corporate job, I would stay up for hours working on my craft. It became my life.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Fashion and portrait photography with a hint of sensuality.

(Photo courtesy of Jay Lenard)

What steps did you take to become an accomplished professional?

I decided that in order to get better and reach my goals I needed to rent a studio, so I decided to rent a studio at the Goat Farm Arts Center in West Midtown [in] Atlanta. Having a studio pushed me forward.

The word “creative” has been used a lot by the millennial generation. Do you believe that being a “creative” has lost its authentic meaning?

I do. I believe people think this is easy. I also think people feel that they have to add their creative “2 cents” into everything.

(Photo courtesy of Jay Lenard)

What other words do you use to describe yourself?

I consider myself an artist. I look deeper than just snapping an image. I want everything to be print-ready.

Name your favorite role models for success?

My mother. She always found a way.

Film vs. digital? Which do you prefer and why?

Digital. I like the quicker process of getting your ideas out faster.

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