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Photography business is the perfect fit for Joshua and Anyeka Frith

Photographers Joshua and Anyeka Frith (All photos courtesy Joshua Dwain Photography)

Joshua and Anyeka Frith’s shared love of photography has allowed the New York couple to grow into partners in life as well as in business.

According to Joshua, it was his then-girlfriend Anyeka and his new photography business that brought them together. “She started accompanying me [to photo shoots],” he said. “That was a way of spending time together.”

Over time, Anyeka not only fell in love with Joshua but also started loving the art of photography. “We believe photography is a perfect fit in our lives,” she said. “Our personalities are as vibrant and colorful as our photographs.”

Rolling out recently spoke to Joshua at our Atlanta studios after he wrapped a photo shoot with actor Devale Ellis of the hit Tyler Perry series “Sistas.”

(Photo courtesy Joshua Dwain Photography)

What is your style of photography?

Man, it’s a mix of editorial and some documentary in their portraiture. I like to classify myself as a more dynamic sort of photographer instead of just labeling myself as one specific style.

(Photo courtesy Joshua Dwain Photography)

What is your favorite camera to shoot with?

I’m not tied to any particular camera. I love Nikon cameras. I’ve used [a Nikon] since I was an amateur and now [as] a professional photographer. But I also have street photography that I love to do. I use Fuji cameras for [that].  And then when I’m doing my vlogging or my video stuff, I use Panasonic cameras.

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