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Kamala Harris speaks directly to Black male voters while in Atlanta

By A.R. Shaw / October 24, 2020

Armed men claim they were paid by POTUS to appear at voting poll

By Terry Shropshire / October 22, 2020

Chelsea Handler offers to pay 50 Cent’s taxes to not vote Republican

By A.R. Shaw / October 22, 2020

50 Cent’s support of POTUS provokes calls to boycott TV show ‘Power’

By A.R. Shaw / October 21, 2020

Ice Cube flips off D.L. Hughley and slams Don Lemon over CWBA criticism

By N. Ali Early / October 20, 2020

Isaac Hayes III has a message about 2020 election and Ice Cube

By A.R. Shaw / October 20, 2020

An open letter: United in faith for Rev. Raphael Warnock

By Rolling Out / October 19, 2020

Public art serves as a reminder that your vote matters

By Kebina Young / October 19, 2020

Tyler Perry joins $500K campaign to mobilize the Black vote in Florida

By N. Ali Early / October 16, 2020

Kamala Harris revealed that she noticed fly on Mike Pence’s hair

By A.R. Shaw / October 15, 2020

Ice Cube takes heat for working with Trump campaign

By A.R. Shaw / October 14, 2020

Hear reasons Herschel Walker says Blacks in the US are not oppressed (video)

By Terry Shropshire / October 14, 2020

Kanye brags about leading Kentucky in votes; could it be true?

By A.R. Shaw / October 14, 2020

Kanye West 1st campaign ad makes big promises (video)

By rolling / October 13, 2020

Detroit artist creates mural that sparks civic engagement conversation

By Kebina Young / October 10, 2020

Kanye called out for showing ballot of someone who voted for him

By A.R. Shaw / October 9, 2020

Funniest celebrity reactions to the fly landing on VP Mike Pence’s head

By Terry Shropshire / October 8, 2020

Kanye nominated in California by right-wing group to take votes from Joe Biden

By A.R. Shaw / October 7, 2020

Michelle Obama provides ‘closing argument’ on voting for Joe Biden (video)

By Terry Shropshire / October 6, 2020

Texas governor accused of voter suppression by limiting mail ballot locations

By A.R. Shaw / October 2, 2020