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City council candidate wants to keep community ‘as white as possible’

By Terry Shropshire / August 25, 2019

Tomi Lahren blasted for saying Kamala Harris ‘slept her way to the top’

By A.R. Shaw / August 2, 2019

Candace Owens challenges Cardi B to political debate, gets torched on Twitter

By Terry Shropshire / August 1, 2019

Reporter April Ryan says White House is infested with stink bugs and rodents

By A.R. Shaw / July 29, 2019

Kamala Harris blasts racists, pledges help to HBCUs at Urban League Conference

By A.R. Shaw / July 27, 2019

Al Sharpton, Tamika Mallory explain why Black people must vote in 2020 election

By A.R. Shaw / July 26, 2019

Georgia Rep. Erica Thomas told to ‘go back where you come from’

By Terry Shropshire / July 21, 2019

Black Republican blasts GOP for saying they ‘never disrespected’ Obama (video)

By Terry Shropshire / July 18, 2019

Cardi B says voters failed Bernie Sanders in last election

By Terry Shropshire / July 17, 2019

Michelle Obama says Dems and GOP tried to take her ‘out by the knees’ (video)

By Terry Shropshire / July 8, 2019

California is 1st state to outlaw discrimination against natural hair

By Terry Shropshire / July 5, 2019

White Republicans question Kamala Harris’ Blackness

By A.R. Shaw / June 30, 2019

Revenge? Omarosa sued by the Justice Department, she responds

By Terry Shropshire / June 27, 2019

Angela Stanton-King making bold moves in criminal justice reform

By Christal Jordan / June 23, 2019

Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk explains what drew her to law

By Cassidy Sparks / June 21, 2019

Meet Donna McLeod: A mom, chemical engineer and state representative

By Jasmine Ferguson / June 21, 2019

Chief Judge Christopher T. Portis shares his philosophy on the justice system

By Cassidy Sparks / June 20, 2019

Ta-Nehisi Coates destroys Mitch McConnell over slave reparations debate

By A.R. Shaw / June 19, 2019

Republican Mitch McConnell believes Barack Obama’s election made up for slavery

By A.R. Shaw / June 19, 2019

Black mayor resigns after racial bullying from White counterparts

By A.R. Shaw / June 12, 2019