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Angie Thomas, other Black writers use social media to condemn White supremacy

By Stone Mims / January 7, 2021

Barack Obama condemns lawless mob that stormed US Capitol

By Terry Shropshire / January 7, 2021

Democrats take control of US Senate as Jon Ossoff wins in Georgia

By Terry Shropshire / January 6, 2021

Black Twitter erupts over lenient handling of White rioters on Capitol Hill

By M. Lucas-Davis / January 6, 2021

Raphael Warnock wins Senate runoff election in Georgia

By Terry Shropshire / January 6, 2021

Candace Owens says brands that support ‘Black’ business is segregation

By N. Ali Early / January 5, 2021

Our Black Party co-founder Wes Bellamy has a message for Georgia voters

By Ashley West / January 5, 2021

Freshman Black congressman says Trump won the election

By Terry Shropshire / January 5, 2021

Trump pressured Georgia official to overturn election (listen)

By Terry Shropshire / January 4, 2021

Michelle Obama named most admired woman; Barack is 2nd most admired man

By Terry Shropshire / December 29, 2020

Jon Ossoff sheds light on our criminal ‘injustice’ system

By Rolling Out / December 24, 2020

Civil rights legend John Lewis is the voice in Jon Ossoff’s head and heart

By Rolling Out / December 22, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden desperately needs Ossoff and Warnock

By Rolling Out / December 20, 2020

The stakes are high for people of color; Democrats must win US Senate runoff

By Rolling Out / December 20, 2020

Jon Ossoff discusses criminal justice reform and nationwide legalization of marijuana

By Rolling Out / December 18, 2020

Jon Ossoff’s message connects to Black voters

By Opinions - Letters to the Editor / December 17, 2020

Mitch McConnell finally admits Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump

By Terry Shropshire / December 15, 2020

Michelle Obama defends future first lady Jill Biden using ‘Dr.’ title

By Terry Shropshire / December 14, 2020

Keisha Lance Bottoms ‘respectfully declined’ Biden Cabinet position

By N. Ali Early / December 14, 2020

Georgia voters are standing for change

By Rolling Out / December 10, 2020