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EPA director Michael Regan details infrastructure improvements

By Victoria Syphoe / July 9, 2021

Georgia commissioner Vivian Thomas wants to put Henry County on the map

By Regan Toomer / July 7, 2021

2024: Looks like we might see Donald Trump again

By Anton Daceyah / July 3, 2021

Mary J. Blige endorses New York mayoral candidate Ray McGuire (video)

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / June 20, 2021

Candace Owens bashes Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / June 19, 2021

Senate votes unanimously to make Juneteenth a federal holiday

By Terry Shropshire / June 16, 2021

VP Kamala Harris makes history again (video)

By Terry Shropshire / June 13, 2021

Chicago Mayor sued for only doing interviews with non-White reporters

By Terry Shropshire / May 27, 2021

Michelle Obama’s former Secret Service agent tells of racist encounters

By Terry Shropshire / May 20, 2021

Barack Obama used foul language to bash Donald Trump, new book asserts

By Terry Shropshire / May 19, 2021

Darren E. Bryant is the youngest Black mayor in Illinois state history

By Eddy "Precise" Lamarre / May 15, 2021

Gayle King torched for asking Stacey Abrams about her ‘dating situation’

By Terry Shropshire / May 12, 2021

Barack and Michelle Obama mourn their dog, Bo

By Terry Shropshire / May 9, 2021

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms explains why she won’t seek 2nd term (video)

By Pat Burson George / May 7, 2021

Ex-Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush demands FBI files on Fred Hampton be released

By Terry Shropshire / May 5, 2021

Stacey Abrams’ romance novels to be rereleased

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / May 4, 2021

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson considering a run for US president

By Terry Shropshire / May 3, 2021

Cornel West says Barack Obama did not have ‘the courage’ Joe Biden does

By Terry Shropshire / April 30, 2021

LeBron James defends Michael Vick against Ted Cruz’s hateful rhetoric

By Terry Shropshire / April 14, 2021

Barack Obama says this Jay-Z song inspires him

By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris / April 3, 2021

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