altWhen Big Boi’s song, “Royal Flush” featuring Andre 3000 and Raekwon
leaked on the Internet last March, hip-hop heads went crazy. It was the
classic hit, “Skew It on the Bar-B” all over again, maybe even better.
Driven by the raw, energized production, and non-traditional
formatting, the song instantly caught fire. But truth is, nobody
expected it to get nominated for a Grammy-especially since Big’s album
hasn’t even dropped yet. Recently, ro caught up with the masterminds
behind the song, production duo, Royal Flush to get the goods on the
magic behind the infectious track.

Flush” doesn’t have a traditional song format. Do you think this will
open up people’s minds to embracing something different again?

There’s no certain way to do music. Music is just an expression of
yourself and it’s creative. As we continue to see the song grow and
being that’s it’s not a typical song with a hook, but it still jams
hard, it represents good quality music. This song making an impact just

says, be yourself. Be free.

Rick, does being Big’s cousin add any pressure?
Hell, yeah! It’s harder because it’s that much pressure. It’s pressure
but at the same time it’s great because there’s someone always there to
[keep pushing me]. It’s like Payton Manning’s daddy. He made sure he
made it to the NFL and the Superbowl-he wasn’t content with just
Division 1.

Who is your favorite person to do sessions with?
Actually, Big and Dre. Being in the studio and seeing how they work
with music. the way that it takes them weeks to write verses, just
seeing the way they make greatness out of music.
Rick: Raphael Saadiq, to watch his work ethic, I see why people are still singing “It Never Rains in Southern California.”

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