Home Depot’s ‘Girls’ Night Out’

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Rolling out recently attended Home Depot’s “Girls’ Night Out” event at the 87th & Dan Ryan store in Chicago. The event was hosted by V-103’s lovely radio personality, Ms. Troi Tyler. Check out what the ladies we spoke with had to say when asked, “Why is it important for a lady to know how to do it herself?” –al weems


Katerria Doty

A lady needs to know how to do-it-herself, so that she does not get taken advantage of by unscrupulous handy men. Whether it’s paying too much or someone taking too long to complete a job, it all costs.


Jasmyn Loggins

If there’s no man around, you can be independent and do minor home improvements yourself.


Troi Tyler

When you want it done right now and you don’t want to wait a week for your brother, father or even your husband, you can make the necessary home repair or improvement yourself and feel empowered.


Kim Arnold

So that you can do it yourself, because my husband is sitting at home watching television, and I need some work done.


Wanda Barron

I feel that it is very important because it gives her the confidence that she has the capability to make home improvements and repairs around her home, without having to ask anyone else for help.

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