Rising Artist, Flo the SODA Can Man Aims to Take Philadelphia Hip-Hop to Pop

If you ever want to see a cartoon coming to life look no further than Philadelphia native recording artist, Flo the SODA Can Man.  Flo the SODA Can Man’s musical and live performance energy is equivalent to a cartoon bouncing off the left and right brain with bright tonality, witty lyricism and a vivid imagination. It is that imagination which has helped him generate a buzz throughout Philadelphia, secure spins on Power 99 and perform to sold-out crowds. Following up his debut LP, D.U.I. (Dancing Under the Influence) is his collaboration album SOS & SODA. Rolling out went behind the cartoon to get serious with Flo the SODA Can Man about socially conscious music, finding his self-identity in the Philly hip-hop scene and his plans to expand the genre.

Your image and sound is strongly influenced by pop. So has that caused you to be an outsider among the Philly hip-hop circle?

I have found a certain acceptance among the Philly hip-hop scene. Since I moved home after college, I’ve found some very supportive people willing to help me. Naturally, there are always going to be people who don’t understand why I want to make pop music. Some people forget that you can be just as masculine while having fun at a party; it’s not about being hard core all the time.

Lyrically, most of the music you present is about overall positive experiences. Do you purposely avoid focusing on negative topics in your music as a form of rebellion against some of the crime that has made headlines recently in Philly?

My previous work has been about escapism. However, part of being a multifaceted artist is relating to different emotions and people. Therefore, my current work focuses on violence. It’s about examining the root of violence so that it can be eradicated, instead of ignoring the violence and hoping it goes away.

Philadelphia has a rich legacy of music.  How do you envision your sound expanding upon that foundation?

I am truly proud to have the opportunity to expand upon an awesome legacy. People all over the country can relate to the music produced in Philadelphia because it’s about real people and real life. There is a genuineness and originality that is unique to Philadelphia music. I hope to take that same feel and expand on it so that it works in the genre of pop music.

Click here to purchase his solo single, “Sauced Up.”


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  1. I’ve watched Soda grow into one of the greatest artist coming out of Philly and such a long way to go. I’ve had the privilege to work with him behind the scenes and I have to say he’s on his Job and destined for greatness!! Keepem coming!!

  2. Wow!!! I can’t believe ur not on by now???? themusic industry is sleepIng on a true super STAR… Your genera is so unique your ability too be able too wright rap & produce is a gift !!! Stay up one love Mom…

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