Black Man Gives New Meaning to Word ‘Crack’ After Ingesting Drug From Brother’s Buttocks; Find Out What Happened

This is a case of brotherly love gone very wrong. Tragically wrong. A South Carolina man died after he ate an ounce of cocaine that was hidden in his brother’s butt cheeks, the media reports.

North Charleston, S.C., police officials confirm that Joshua Mitchell, 20, went into cardiac arrest after his older brother, Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, 23, was about to be arrested for possession of cocaine and Joshua tried to conceal any traces of the drug by consuming all of it orally.

But why? An ounce of cocaine would not likely garner the older brother that much time in jail, particularly if he has competent legal counsel representing him. So why eat a dangerous drug?

Here’s why: The older brother, Deangelo Mitchell, had two strikes against him already, so he pleaded with his younger brother to eat the drug because he did not have any strikes.

Video from inside the police car on Nov. 30 captured a conversation between the brothers after both had been arrested for drug trafficking. Deangelo pleads with his younger brother to take the cocaine from his butt and eat it to get rid of it.

“One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don’t have any strikes. … You my little brother … I’m gonna get life,” Deangelo said to Joshua.

Out of blind love for his older brother, Joshua Mitchell capitulated to his older brother’s pleas and ate the drug.

Once officers detected cocaine residue on the seat where Joshua sat, Deangelo told officers that his brother had swallowed cocaine. By then, the dose of fatal cocaine was already wreaking irrevocable havoc in Joshua’s body. Within the hour, Joshua struggling to breathe, bled from his mouth and died.

Deangelo Mitchell is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for unintentionally causing his younger brother’s death.
Deangelo was charged with trafficking drugs and bonded out of jail Dec. 1.

Once toxicology results confirmed that Joshua died as a result of from cocaine consumption, police decided to pursue more serious charges. Authorities are now looking for Deangelo to charge him.


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