Common Ready to Squash Beef With Drake

Hip-hop heavyweights Drake and Common may be in the midst of an epic feud, but that doesn’t mean the two enemies can’t show respect for each other. Such is the case for Common, who, after recently sending a scathing diss track Drake’s way, claims that he still likes Drake’s music.

“I think he makes good music,” said Common in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “He’s definitely said some real clever things and made some cool songs. I like his music.”

Common’s kind words are a stark contrast from the incendiary lyrics the two emcees have hurled at each other over the last few weeks. The beef between the two started last year, when Common dropped the song “Sweet,” which partially took shots at Drake. After some subliminal jabs from between the two, Drake turned up the volume on the feud by dropping a subtle diss verse on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin,’” which appears on Rick Ross’ mixtape, Rich Forever. Common then upped the ante by releasing a scathing unofficial remix of the track, which boasted a barrage of volatile disses towards Drake.

Though the beef has just reached a peak, Common claims that he’s now ready squash his feud with Drake.

“I don’t think I had anything to prove,” Common said. “I just felt like somebody stepped and challenged me, so I had to step into the ring. He said some things that I thought were directed at me, so I had to address it back.”
Common continued, “I feel like I said what I had to say, and I’m just going to let it be at that point. Now, if something else happens, then I’ll just have to act accordingly. But right now, I feel like, man, I said what I needed to say about this situation on record. It’s nothing like, ‘Oh man, it’s so personal.’ It’s just the art of rhyming, man. The art of rhyming!”

A reconciliation – or at least a truce – between the two emcees isn’t out of the question. Last week, Cash Money CEO, Birdman, spoke about the beef between his artist, Drake, and Common, and claimed that artists on Cash Money and Young Money aren’ interested in beefs. They’re more interested in pleasing fans and making money.

“We don’t do all that. We never did that,” said Birdman. “Never was about making money off of music off of diss records. That’s not how we operate. We try to give the fans – I mean when you get caught up in that to me you forget what this about. And it’s about the people and that’s what we do. We do our music for the people. We never been a brand to diss and diss records and try to make money that’s not us. But Drake the homie and we support him fully and whatever he ‘bout we ‘bout. However that turns out that’s just what it is.”

Hopefully, Common and Drake will decide to peacefully squash their beef, like these other hip-hop artists we’ve listed below. – nicholas robinson


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