Tupac Shakur’s return to the stage at Coachella was awe-inspiring for many. The deceased rapper performed “Hail Mary” and “Gangsta Party” along with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Created by AV Concepts, Tupac’s performance via a 3-D hologram was somewhat of a gamble. If fans viewed Tupac’s holographic image as a cheesy attempt at cool, AV Concepts and Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre would have been ridiculed by the media and fans alike.

However, Tupac’s hologram was widely seen as an innovative tool that recreated the magic of a fallen legend.

As a result, the families and estates of deceased artists could reintroduce those stars on stage by considering the use of holograms. Undoubtedly, overzealous concert promoters are imagining the money that would be generated from such ventures.

Here are the top deceased artists whose fans would likely pay top dollar to see them perform via hologram.

A.R. Shaw

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