10 Signs You’re on a Bad 1st Date

Wondering if he’ll call following that first night out or if he’ll even call again ever? Concerned that she didn’t find you as charming as you meant to come across and may be on the phone dogging you to her girls? what happens when you think it’s going well, only to discover later that they’d rather get a root canal than spend time with you.

See if you are guilty of or have been out with someone who is guilty of any of the dating no-no listed below. if so check that behavior and it may just be the start of a potential love match for a season or a lifetime.  Below are ten warning signs that you are a rude date and need to stop doing what you’re doing before your next time out.


10. You’re late! Big mistake. You start off indicating that you are either irresponsible, uninterested, immature or all three. Arriving a few minutes late is sometimes understandable or excusable but have the good sense to communicate that to the person you’ve got waiting.

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