Fans of “Basketball Wives” and “The Real Housewives of New York” have a unique opportunity on their hands now that the production company behind the reality TV programs is searching for new talent. While interested parties won’t be added to one of the contentious ‘Wives’ programs, Shed Media US is searching for families for the next season of “America’s SuperNanny.” For the second season of the program, casting directors are seeking families with children of all ages with issues such as bullying or family blending.

The Lifetime hit features Deborah Tillman, described as a Michelle Obama lookalike, who excels in no-nonsense yet positive parenting. With her “positive parenting” techniques, the mother of one has been able to mold even the most rambunctious of pupils with a history of foul language, spitting and hitting. “My whole life has been working with families and children and presenting at workshops, trying to educate parents on positive parenting,” said Tillman.

“You know, they need to stop being negative and yelling at their children. In terms of discipline, I use the Calm Down Corner and not the Naughty Chair because we’re not calling children names or talking about negative things,” she added.

Deborah Tillman

Interested families are encouraged to email the production company directly at [email protected] with a name, number, city, state, number of children and the reason you’re seeking help. –danielle canada