10 Most Exotic Cars in the World: the SuperCars

The 10 most exotic cars in the world are like rock stars. At every car show I’ve been to around the country — whether at the Los Angeles Convention Center, in Chicago, Washington DC, New York or especially in the world’s epicenter of auto manufacturing, Detroit — folks crane their necks to see, get next to, and get their pictures taken next to the most exotic cars.

The 10 most exotic cars in the world also get rock-star treatment. They are usually cordoned off away from the other automobiles, roped off in the automotive VIP sections to keep touchy-feely admirers at bay. They are usually unapproachable on the car show floor, their metallic bodies glistening in under the lights, the headlamps peering out at throngs of car connoisseurs and auto aficionados, knowing they look good. Despite their arrogance, they have a charisma about them, an elusive design and engineering that awes and marvels its admirers. They are the world’s “super cars.”

Below are the 10 most exotic cars in the world, according to Super Car mag.

terry shropshire

10. Koenigsegg (above)  this Swede exotic supercar maker thrived on the dream of Christian von Koenigsegg to make the perfect supercar. The company is rather young compared to other exotic car makers, having only launched in 1993. Its staff consists of a dedicated group of enthusiasts who had connections to the Swedish car industry and the universities. Koenigsegg is the #10 Most Exotic Car Maker.

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