The countdown has begun for the most sought after sneaker since the Air Jordans. Sneakerheads across the nation are salivating because Kanye West’s coveted Nike Air Yeezy 2 finally has a U.S. release date. The sneakers, designed by Kanye West, will be available at retail stores on June 9.

The shoes will likely retail from $250 to $350 in limited quantities. However, some independent sneaker websites are already selling pre-orders for as high as $2,400. Many sneaker lovers are willing to fork over that amount for a pair.

The original Air Yeezy sneakers were released three years ago and caused similar pandemonium. Hundreds of individuals camped outside of shoe stores across the country for a chance to purchase the original Air Yeezy. But once the first shipment sold out, the shoes were in high demand and being auctioned and sold online for more than $1,500.

Without much of a marketing push, the Air Yeezy 2 will be the hottest sneakers released this summer.

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