Queen Latifah Not Coming Out

Much like her entertainment counterpart Raven-Symone, Queen Latifah adamantly refuses to proclaim publicly which side of the sexual aisle she stands on, and she doesn’t really care what you have to say about it.

In short: Queen Latifah is not coming out.

After a performance at the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride event in Southern Cal recently, celebrity watchers presumed that she was making a statement about her sexual orientation. Wrong, Queen Latifah pretty much says in an interview with an entertainment publication. Latifah, who was recently linked with exercise guru Jeanette Jenkins, appreciates her gay friends surrounds her personal life with barbed wire. Anyone waiting for an announcement about her love life is going to be disappointed.

“It’s just not gonna happen,” Dana Owens told Entertainment Weekly.

Here’s what else was said on the matter:

Queen Latifah wants to be clear: Despite speculation online, her performance at Long Beach’s Lesbian & Gay Pride event on May 19 was not a signal that she was coming out as a lesbian. “That definitely wasn’t the case,” she tells EW. “I’ve never dealt with the question of my personal life in public. It’s just not gonna happen.”

That said, the 42-year-old was thrilled to participate in the event and even recalled an earlier performance for gay audiences. “To me, doing a gay pride show is one of the most fun things,” she says. “My first show that paid more than $10,000 was in a gay club on New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. Tupac happened to be in town, so he came to kick it with me. This was the early ’90s. And the boys were like, ‘Take your shirt off, Tupac!’ He wasn’t doing that. But we had a blast in there.”

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