Kanye West Stars in New Erotic Art Film: 5 Other Tastefully Erotic Celebs

It’s no secret that Kanye West is a man who loves fashion, art and, ahem, porn. And now West is indulging in both of those worlds by starring in an erotic art film for the launch of 25 magazine.

According to NY Mag’s The Cut, top model Anja Rubik recently announced the launch of her new magazine, 25, and to celebrate the erotic themed first issue, Rubik teamed up with photographer and director Barnaby Roper and West to create a short film dedicated to the erotic side of art and fashion.

Rubik explained to The Cut that she and West discussed how she wanted her magazine to approach the idea of sex and found inspiration from the world of porn.

“It’s funny. We talked about porn looks these days, and he agreed with me that there’s no porn out there that is beautiful aesthetically and integrates fashion to make a beautiful image,” she explained. “We were on the same page about a lot of things.”

West, who remains clothed, can be seen speaking (and staring) throughout the film as viewers seemingly enter his intriguing world of leather, snakes, topless women and stimulating imagery.

“I thought it would be really interesting to make it seem like we were entering Kanye’s head,” Rubik said. “It’s not pornographic, but it’s very sensual.”

Watch the video below and after the cut you can check out some other stars who’ve delved into the world of erotica for the sake of art and fashion. – nicholas robinson


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