Current Work: I have a gospel stage play titled A Changed Mind and a tragicomedy titled Queen Bee.

Tell us about them both:
A Changed Mind is about an African American family that’s living a life of luxury but they are not equally yoked and God isn’t present in their lives. They rely on their gifts but don’t trust in God. They seek happiness, peace and joy and are focused on money. It’s a deep, spiritual play that depicts how God can change your situation.

Queen Bee is a secular play about a woman who has given her all to be rich and famous. Men give her what she wants and she doesn’t care who she has to trample to fit into society … it’s about the haves and have-nots.

My stage plays are ministry and entertainment.

What is your background?
The arts have been my hobby all my life. “A Changed Mind” is the first play I wrote and I have been writing ever since. Writing is my gift from God. I started out acting, dancing [praise] and singing [first and second tenor]. Now, I am directing and producing.

Have you ever acted in a play?
Yes, in several … True Love, a movie Wagga Woman. I have done many projects.

What is your passion?
Giving creative people, like up-and-coming actors and makeup artists, opportunities to pursue their dreams and those who can’t afford the arts, an opportunity to experience it at an affordable price. Putting on plays is another way for me to reach out to the community.

Who do you admire in the industry?
My favorite writer is Spike Lee and Angela Bassett is my favorite actress. I like their stance on the positive portrayal of the African American community in entertainment. Angela Bassett doesn’t just sign on to any project; she has to know its value. I make sure my projects show our community’s value.

What is the cost to attend?
“A Changed Mind’s” tickets are $15 each and it will be held at Emmanuel Tabernacle Church, 823 Dill Ave., SW, Atlanta on Saturday, July 28, 2012.

Queen Bee’s tickets are $10 each and it will be held at Metroplex Theater [1959 Metropolitan Parkway, SW, Atlanta], on the corner of Dill Ave. and Metropolitan Parkway, on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012.

For more information, call (770) 895-1078.

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